General FAQs

My account has been banned/suspended, what to do?

Higgs Games has a zero tolerance for pirated software and players cheating. This is the only way to protect the interests of our honest players and keep playing MARTIAL TOWERS fair and fun for everyone.

Our automatic anti-cheat system watches in real time all active game accounts in terms of exploiting illegal software that takes advantage of any part of the game beyond design. If fraud is detected, your account is banned. Using a pirated version or using a cheat only once is enough!

Accounts will be suspended by violating our terms of service and end user license agreement.Your are not allowd to use a player name that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religiously, or otherwise objectionable or offensive.

If you believe your account has been incorrectly suspended/banned and you would like to dispute this action, please contact our support.

How can I save my account or connect to another device?

In case you need to re-install the game or want to play on another device, connect your player account with your email address.

Go to “Settings” > “Account” > “Edit Account”.
settings 1 ensettings 2 en

Enter your e-mail address and a password. Done!
edit account enedit account email enedit account password en

Make sure, the e-mail address is valid and you have access to the mailbox. Otherwise we cannot resend your password in case of a password loss.

PS: With this trick, you can even play on different platforms. Sometimes with an Android device and at other times with an iOS device. But make sure that you have properly closed the game before you switch the device!

Where can I see my level and what does it represent?

levelYour current level is displayed on a sign in the upper left corner of the construction menu. Behind it, you can find your experience bar. It fills up gradually whenever you get experience points. Once the experience bar is full, your level increases, which allows you to use new items and to enhance your existing possessions.

How do I gain experience points?

levelWith every duel you play, you gain experience points. After each fight, they are displayed behind the shield icon. Experience points gradually fill up the experience bar displayed behind your current level in the construction menu. Once the experience bar is full, your level increases, which allows you to use new items and to enhance your existing possessions.

How does the energy bar work?

energyThe energy bar shows how much energy is left. You start with 10/10 (ten of ten). Every battle uses up 1 energy. To reload the energy, it takes 12 minutes to reload 1 energy. Energy can also be bought for diamonds.

How can I win a fight?

To win a fight, you either need to leave your opponent defenseless by destroying all of his weapons or destroy the throne room. After the opponent’s throne room has been destroyed, you also win the game if the opponent still has some weapons left.

Can I destroy the enemy characters?

No, you can only destroy the weapons and buildings blocks of the castles, like walls, roofs, bridges, treasure chest and throne room. You cannot destroy the characters, animals and decoration items. The characters disapear once their weapon is destroyed.

What about the stars?

starsThe stars indicate how successful you have finished a level in the campaign. The faster you defeat your opponent, the more stars you receive. The bar in the upper screen area shows you the time remaining and the number of stars left for you to get in this level. In the overview map, the number of stars you have been awarded with in each level is displayed. Of course, you should always try to get three stars. Nevertheless, you can play every level as often until you get all three stars.

Can I play a level more often than once?

Yes, you can and you should! Repeating levels is a good method to earn gold. As you progress through the campaign, beating the earlier levels becomes easier. But those early levels also offer less loot than the later ones.

What do I need gold for?

goldWith gold, you can buy new weapons, buildings, power-ups or decorations. Also, you need gold to repair your castle after a battle.

Can I buy gold?

No, you can’t! You have to play in order to earn gold and experience. You will also get gold on some days as a daily log-in bonus. Besides, you can exchange diamonds for gold.

How do I earn gold?

you won gold enEvery fight is rewarded with gold, no matter if you play a campaign on the map or a multiplayer battle against other players or the computer.

How can I get lots of gold as fast as possible?

Just try out different strategies and find out yourself. The amount of gold and experience you can gain increases with the difficulty level of your opponent and your level of progress in the campaign.

Build a treasure chamber and keep upgrading it! For every battle fought, the treasure chamber will earn you extra gold.

What do I need diamonds for?

diamondsWith diamonds, you can speed things up, like building times or buy special weapons, power-ups or decorations. Also, you can exchange diamonds for gold, if you do not have enough gold but still have diamonds.

Can I buy diamonds?

store enYes, you can! See the diamond store for attractive offers. Besides buying diamonds, you will get them as a present for special accomplishments or as daily log-in bonus. For a limited time, you will get the double amount of diamonds for your FIRST puchase!

All purchases of diamonds help us, to finance future upgrades of the game and providing you good support. Thanks!

What are power-ups?

powerups de

Power-ups offer you the unique possibility to fight your opponent with exceptionally powerful weapons. Be careful, though: Each power up can only be used once and has to be purchased again for the next fight.


What do the repair power-ups do?

repair enThere are two repair power-ups. With the general repair power-up you can repair all damages of your castle during a battle. However, it does not repair your weapons. Nevertheless, there is a second power-up for the repair of your weapons. To gain most out of it, you should use them after you have reached higher levels where battles take a long time.

Can I use an unlimited number of construction sites?

The number of spots available and thus the size of your castle depends on your level. As you progress and level up, additional construction sites are unlocked. This way, your castle grows along with your experience.

Exception: Decorations directly attached to the castle do not use up any construction sites! However, decorations that are placed next to the castle (such as the windmill or the horse) do use up construction spots.

build en

building places

Based on many requests, additional construction sites can be purchased to build a strong and mighty castle right from the beginning. After opening the construction menu by pressing the "Build" button, you see the number of available and used construction sites. The "Green Plus symbol" opens a menu to purchase additional sites.

You will continue to receive a free construction spot with every level upgrade, till the maximum number is reached.

How can I reinforce my castle?

There are different approaches. You can upgrade your walls and most of your weapons gradually.

Items are marked with their current and their maximum level. Wooden walls, for example, will eventually become stone walls. The positioning of walls and weapons, however, is crucial as well.

To win as many battles as possible, you should reinforce your castle as often as possible and upgrade your weapons as much as you can!
wall upgradeshield upgrade all

To do this, press the "Build" button. Now you see the number of available and already in use construction sites.
build enbuilding places

  • With each level up, you will receive an additional construction site.
  • With the "Green Plus" you can buy additional construction sites and expand your castle even faster and equip it with more weapons.

How many times can I level up my walls and my weapons?

wall upgrade

shield upgrade

All elements can be upgraded by up to 18 levels. Only the holder can only be upgraded by up to 10 levels.

What’s the purpose of decorations?

Decorations give your castle a personal and individual appearance and show your opponent what a successful fighter looks like. Decorations, however, have no influence on your attacks or your defense. Nevertheless: If you look huge and powerful, chances are you will be attacked and looted less often.

deco en

Do decorations use up any construction spots?

horseDecorations directly attached to the castle do not use up any construction spots! However, decorations that are placed next to the castle (such as the windmill or the horse) do use up construction spots.

Where can I learn more about the characteristics of the elements and weapons?

In the construction menu, each object has its own large info button. Click it to open a window with everything you need to know about said object.



Is it possible that I lose my castle?

No! That would be too mean. Of course, you earn less gold and experience for the games you lose, but even a defeat grants you at least some experience. In multiplayer, you lose crowns - your multiplayer score drops – whenever you are looted or defeated in a duel. This could also lower your multiplayer ranking.

Sometimes dragging and aiming doesn’t work correctly!

Your view of the game should always allow for enough freedom of movement towards the bottom left of the screen. This can be established by zooming in or out and by moving the displayed area to the left.

zoom en

What is the reward for shooting the treasure chest?

treasure boxIf you shoot them down, you get 1 diamond.

Do I need an internet connection to play the game?

Yes, you do! You need a WiFi, LTE, G3 or G4 internet connection to play the game.

Multiplayer FAQs (EN)

What does Cross-Platform mean and how does it work?

Cross-Platform Multiplayer is a wonderful feature which strongly differentiates Martial Towers from other online games. Cross-Platform Multiplayer allows players on different gaming platforms to play with users on another platform - we support Apple iOS, Google Android and Amazon Fire OS. Use your iPad to challenge players with an Android tablet etc. or vice versa!

Can I play Martial Towers offline or without multiplayer?

Martial Towers is an exclusively online and social multiplayer game. It is not possible to play offline, or strictly via single-player mode. Multiplayer is the game’s core dynamics and we believe it is most fun to fight unlimited battles against your friends or strangers.

In multiplayer, how can I play against other players?

That’s easy! Go to the construction menu and click “Fight“ to access the campaign and multiplayer screen. On the right-hand side, you see the multiplayer area. Here you can access all multiplayer options.

That’s easy! Go to the construction menu and click „Fight„ to access the campaign and multiplayer screen.


You are now in the campaign and multiplayer-screen. On the right-hand side, you see the multiplayer area. Here you can access all multiplayer options.

multiplayer1 en

 In the upper part, you can attack other players even if they are not online. Im oberen Teil kannst Du andere Spieler angreifen, auch wenn diese nicht online sind. Press the " > " to see the player profile. To attack this player, press " Attack! "

multiplayer3 en

 If you press " Find opponent! " in the lower part, the system suggests an opponent which is similar to your strength and is also looking for an online opponent at this moment.

multiplayer2 en

Do I share any personal information when I connect?

The game only administers your player name, the current game events and the leaderboard rankings on the server. It’s not necessary to register, and no personal information is exchanged. For further details, please read our privacy policy.

What are my multiplayer options?

To reach the multiplayer menu, click the “Battle” button at the lower right. Now you have the choice between “Attack Castle” and “Duel”.

Real-Time duels: To play duels against other players in real-time, just click on the “Find opponent” button at the bottom of the multiplayer menu. The game server randomly selects an opponent of similar strength for you and connects you automatically. This will only be successful if another player of equal strength looks for an opponent at the same moment.


Castle raid: In the “Attack Castle” area you can select an opponent by yourself. Use the refresh icon to see different opponents. You will see the opponents’ player name, level and castle. Clicking the arrow icon opens a stats window about the opponent. Once you have chosen whom to attack, select “Attack”. As your opponent is offline at this moment, the castle you attack will be controlled by the AI.


„Castle Raid“ in leaderboard: Go to the construction menu and check out the leaderboard. Here, you can directly see other players and attack them, too. Just click on a name and then “Attack”. The green light beside the crown shows that this player is online. Enjoy the looting!


What does the leaderboard show?

Tens of thousands of kings are on the battlefield. But who of them is the smartest strategist, owns the best castle and the strongest weapons?

There is only one way to figure this out: The Martial Towers Leaderboards!

Click the icon to open the Leaderboard:
leaderboard icon

There are 3 different leaderboards: “Weekly Leaderboard" (reset every Sunday at midnight CET),
leaderboard weekly en

the “All-Time Leaderboard"
leaderboard all en

and your "Private Leaderboard" for you and your Facebook friends only.
leaderboard fb en

The lists show the top-50 players, as well as the 25 players directly above and below your rank.

The leaderboard allows you to view your opponents profiles and attack them directly.
leaderboard attack en
profil en

What are you waiting for?

How can I play live against one of my friends?

After you click the Battle button, the battel menu opens. At the top of the right side you can select the opponent of your choice. At the bottom the game server is looking for an opponent for you. It compares the number of crowns won by both of you. To provide a fair chance of winning, only players with a comparable number of crowns are matched.

You can also use the leaderboard to select an opponent. A green light beside the crown shows who is online. Whoever is not online can be attacked as well. Use the Facebook tab to connect with your friends.

How does the automatic matchmaking for live duels work?

When the game is looking for an opponent for you, it compares the number of crowns won by both of you. To provide a fair chance of winning, only players with a comparable number of crowns are matched.

How do I loot my opponents?

Open the multiplayer menu or the leaderboard to attack and loot opponents directly whenever you want. The AI will take over for the attacked player. If you win, you receive gold, crowns and experience points depending on the strength of your opponent. But beware: The AI will use everything the opponent castle offers to defend it.


Can I pick out a specific opponent to loot?

Yes, you can! In the rankings, you can pick out an opponent and attack them directly. Be careful, though: Revenge is sweet.


How are the rewards for multiplayer battles determined?

multiplayer5 enThe higher your opponent’s ranking compared to yours, the more crowns you will get if you win. Gold and experience points depend on the strength of the castle.

What’s the purpose of collecting crowns?

crownsThe crowns indicate how much of a threat you are in multiplayer. This is important for all of your multiplayer activities! The more crowns you have, the more experienced and skilled you are as an online player.