To reach the multiplayer menu, click the “Battle” button at the lower right. Now you have the choice between “Attack Castle” and “Duel”.

Real-Time duels: To play duels against other players in real-time, just click on the “Find opponent” button at the bottom of the multiplayer menu. The game server randomly selects an opponent of similar strength for you and connects you automatically. This will only be successful if another player of equal strength looks for an opponent at the same moment.


Castle raid: In the “Attack Castle” area you can select an opponent by yourself. Use the refresh icon to see different opponents. You will see the opponents’ player name, level and castle. Clicking the arrow icon opens a stats window about the opponent. Once you have chosen whom to attack, select “Attack”. As your opponent is offline at this moment, the castle you attack will be controlled by the AI.


„Castle Raid“ in leaderboard: Go to the construction menu and check out the leaderboard. Here, you can directly see other players and attack them, too. Just click on a name and then “Attack”. The green light beside the crown shows that this player is online. Enjoy the looting!